Friday, November 23, 2007

Anfy Call Filter v0.6.0

Blocks unwanted calls.

Allows block/unblock calls on the go.

Maintains a log of rejected calls and allows to send an sms or make a call to the rejected caller immidiately!

The best of all its all at no cost.

Call Filter is a utility application realised under the concept "Simple Yet Efficient" for your Symbian devices. It allows you to hang-up any incoming calls from contacts selected as a filter rule in main application screen. Gives you a very convenient and quick access to block/unblock some phone number at runtime. This is convenient in situations when your BOSS is always on your head and you don't want to answer his call at certain moments during the day, it takes a few clicks and you are done blocking your BOSS calls. The logs screen maintains a list of rejected calls and allows placing a quick call or an sms to the rejected phone number. So this is what we call "Simple Yet Efficient".


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