Saturday, December 8, 2007

Undercity mobile game

Life in the fast lane... under the city...

The Subway, Underground, Tube, Metro... whatever you want to call it, you drive it! Go from stop to stop on your line and make sure you reach the next station before the allowed time expires or you'll be penalized - but don't go too fast or you'll forget the people!

There is a set time during which you must get to the next station on the line, but it's not enough to just breeze by, sticking to the schedule is the key. The closest you get to the scheduled time the better, since arriving too early is just as bad as arriving too late.

What's more, you can't forget about the people, they're the reason you're even down here. Each person safely transported to their station of destination yields a bonus. At the end of the line your driving is summarized. You get bonuses for staying on schedule and for every safely transported passanger, and you get penalties for the opposite.

In between shifts you can customize your train. Make enough money and you'll be able to buy a plane ticket to move to another city... to make even more money. Visit and work in the biggest cities around the globe and when you decide it's finally time, buy yourself a one-way ticket to retirement paradise.


Snow Sports -Disney

Scenic, snow-swept Duckburg is hosting the winter games, and the grand prize is the golden Cornelius Coot’s Cup.

Put together your dream team of elite Disney athletes and go for the gold and other prizes in three super challenging events.

Help Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and friends win the medals in the Freestyle, Nordic skiing and the bobsleigh competitions!

Packs up to three hours and 45 levels of addictive gameplay in stunning environments, featuring your favourite Disney characters and more!


Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back

Based on the Star Wars Trilogy, LEGO Star Wars II Mobile includes even more of the family friendly LEGO action, puzzles and humour that earned the original LEGO Star Wars such popularity and acclaim.

LEGO Star Wars II Mobile is based on events in Star Wars :Episode IV A New Hope, as Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 perform an undercover rescue mission on board the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star. The objective is to find and rescue Princess Leia, who lies captured somewhere in the Death Stars prison cells.

The adventure starts when Luke Skywalker sets off to rescue the errant droid R2-D2, who wanders off as soon as the rescue team lands the Millennium Falcon on the Death Star. Luke has to find R2-D2 so he can access the location of Princess Leia's prison cell to rescue her and escape from the Death Star. During these missions, the player fights against the forces of the Empire and solves LEGO puzzles in order to proceed through all of the 18 interconnecting levels.

Star Wars fans will be delighted to learn that they can control Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and Princess Leia, each with their own special powers. For example, Leia is great with her gun, while R2-D2,is key when solving the games puzzles. While controlling one game character, the player can leave the other characters on strategic locations where they can act independently: In some parts of the game it is essential to have a sidekick covering your back while you're moving LEGO blocks to access new locations in the game!

"TT Games Publishing are confident once again to have formed an alliance with THQ Wireless for the successful distribution of LEGO Star Wars II for mobile," said Garry Edwards, Business Development Director of TT Games Publishing.

Adam Comiskey, Vice President of THQ Wireless international, added, "We're excited to be able to deliver even more fun and creativity to the mobile games player under the LEGO Star Wars banner.

Key Features:
• Re-enact key scenes from the Empire Strikes Back
• Jedi Combat/Training Mode featuring Yoda and Luke Skywalker
• Millennium Falcon game mode – Escape from the Star Destroyer through the asteroid field
• Train your force abilities with mini-games featuring the famous scenes with Yoda and Luke in the swamps of Degobah
• Easy control mechanism using contextual action points


GHOST (Mobile Starcraft)

Conduct and actions 1 has over 7 years, the old bird of interstellar age, take Korean Zhao the contestant Iloveoov of the wild beast interstellar as in the meantime oneself whole life interstellar of idol, author nowise taboo of use the most mysterious the most uncanny Ghost in the Terran as the leading role of game, but the hostile square then makes to embezzle to is subjected to the protoss that person's clan bullies at first. The game adopted an ARPG form, describing after 2027 a mission carry out on the way is shotted down by the enemy Li to exert a difficulty,I am end to set off direction Protoss the pit of the base to play. The coda in game, the familiar pit plays to target later on a conveyance machine to fly from the mushroom cloud, staying to hang to read aloud infinitely for everyone. Call according to the author, descend a make Zerg of the spiritual leader  impress will show up. Then the condition of three clan wars will be more vigorous.

The edition let out currently, included game of ex- two passes, proceed from the purpose of test, after completing the second mission, the game will then end. Such of purpose a is for the sake of better test, two is also for letting the player acquaint with an operation, Whoami Say introduction says that included a lot of classic military tacticses of terrans in this game, include to block up road, target, invisible, thunder car gram Long, jilt the classic operation of tail. Believing an interstellar player can be certain to find out familiar shadow in the game.

Concerning the model of game support:

GHOST_LargeScreen- the Nokia and the SonyEricsson model of the 240 x 320 screen

GHOST_Nokia_S60 the Nokia S60 model of the 176 x 208 screen


Iron Max Triathlon

It takes more than an Iron Will and an Iron Body to complete the grueling 51.5 km Iron Max Triathlon across rugged country to make this one of the most extreme sports only for the Iron hearted.
Start with a 1.5 km swim followed by a 40 km bike ride and finally a 10 km run, try to make it across the finishing line first, that is if you can even make it across.


NetQin Anti-Virus Pro v2.2.40

The NetQin Anti-Virus application has passed the Symbian Signed Testing, which follow industry-agreed quality guidelines.
Give user an enhanced UI experience. Visualization of inserting updating virus definitions into virus database.
In "Recommend to others" function, we fix the bug appearing in pre-versions, which cannot distinguish between mobile phones and telephones.
New Supporting of Scanning SISX file.
Scalable UI Compliance to make it possible to meet all different screen size of S60_3rd phones!


Call recorder-LivePVR v2.70

LivePVR for Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition
LivePVR, comes packed with 3 extremely useful Personal Voice Recorder functionality; Meeting Notes PVR,Phone call, PVR and Voice Recorder PVR.

Enhancements in 2.7
. Files are stored in caller-id and meeting specific folders
. File names have caller id + type + date+ time (for phone calls) and meeting date+time for meeting notes
. Option to browse recorded file folders by caller id and meeting date/time
. Integrated Help screens

Main Features
. Record Phone calls and get the files stored in directory specific to the caller ID.
. Record meeting notes and get files stored in the directory specific to the meeting
. Options for No BEEPs during recording (If no beep option is selected, there will be 10-15% data loss)
. AMR and WAV format recording
. Unlimited recording length (limited by the available storage on device)
. Voice recorder
. Locate and play recorded files
. Simple and easy user interface
. Works in background when minimized

Phone call PVR
. Record all phone calls
. Record only the next phone call
. Caller id, incoming/outgoing, date and time is stored in recorded file name
. Each recorded file is stored in a folder with the caller id so you can easily identify when copying to PC

Meeting Notes PVR
. Supportes in memory rolling buffer that allows recording conversation that has already happened few seconds earlier
. Capture points in a meeting without missing the context that led up to the point using "Pre-push" buffer
. Automatically stop recording after "Post-push" time so you do not get distracted (Auto capture)
. Continue recording till you manually stop recording (Manual capture)
. Meeting date and time is stored in recorded file name
. All clips for a meeting are stored in their respective folder
. Pre-push and Post-push time can be set by user

Use case: You are in a meeting with LivePVR on and you have set the pre-defined value to 45 seconds. Suddenly you realize that you will need to record this part of the conversation. When you press the button, LivePVR will record the conversation to a file starting from 45 seconds before you pressed the button till either you press the stop button (if you have selected manual capture) or the time pre-set by you (if you are using timed capture).


X-plore 1.05 for mobile

X-plore is a file manager for Symbian phones, with wide range of functions on phone's file system.

View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view *
Integrated text and image viewer
View file details
Edit file attriutes (hidder, read-only, etc)
Rename and delete files
Create or edit text files
Create folders
Copy or move files and folders
Send files by Bluetooth or Infrared
Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives
Pack files to Zip archive
View Word documents
Hardware device info
View processes and tasks **
Built-in program update
Viewing, saving files in Messaging folders
Hex viewer and editor
Search files
Folder hotkeys


Opera Web Browser v8.65

Opera Mobile 8.65 is first and foremost an upgrade to ensure compatibility with the latest S60 phones launched recently, in addition to general bug fixing. As a result, Opera Mobile is now tested and available for phones like Nokia E70, N73, N93. Today you can download the EMEA version, while the Americas and APAC (Asian-Pacific) versions will be added shortly.

* Opera 8.65 comes with an improved home page that makes it easy to go enter a Web address and go to your most frequently visited Web pages.

* With Opera 8.65 it’s more intuitive to enter text into form fields on Web pages. Simply start typing as soon as the form field has the focus, with no need to click first.

* The behaviour of shortcut keys has changed to make sure people doesn’t get confused by accidentally pressing the wrong key. This was also needed to allow for direct input in form fields. By default, Opera 8.65 has a two-key version of shortcut keys, where you press # + key. If you are a shortcut keys fan, you can still go back to one-key mode in settings.

* More content on the screen: With 8.65 we have reduced the size of the user interface, to make more room for the Web page content. Naturally you can still select Full screen, so the uses the entire screen.


free download SMS Talk

Just install this software on your phone.

And now listen sms instead of reading them.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

RAM Booster

This application increases the speed of your phone but boosting up your phone ram...


Note:This download is from an external site.

Sms Counter

Counts the no. of messages u send/recieve..


Note:This download is from an external site


Awesome chat, IM, text messaging and voice client for almost every mobile phone. Chat with your Nimbuzz, MSN, Google Talk, Skype and AIM buddies for free and place global calls @ local costs.



This is a nice little utility that you can use to schedule SMS's to be sent at a preset time. Its perfect for sending birthday or anniversary greetings. Just type the message, set delivery time, and consider it done!


Image Converter

This C++ example demonstrates how to use the image conversion APIs available in the S60 platform (Image Conversion Library, ICL) to open, rotate, scale, and save the image in the same or a different format. Main classes: CBitmapRotator, CBitmapScaler, CImageEncoder, CImageDecoder.


SMS Zipper

Using SMS Zipper, you can increase the max length of your SMS messages by about 60%. This program uses compression to do this. However, both the sender and the reciever both need to have this installed for it to work. You need to send the SMS through SMS Zipper, and recieve the message through SMS Zipper.


Sun Compass

Sun Compass is a program to show the north direction from the sun or moon position. It also gives you the direction to Makkah.


Rock Your Mobile - Answering Machine v1.00

Enhance your device with one of the most powerful features you can imagine: An Answering Machine based on your own Smartphone. Do not waste money for your voice box anymore!

A powerful voice box system directly on your smartphone. From now on you do not have to waste your money anymore using the voice box system of your provider. Answering Machine offers dozens of easy to use functions to record voice messages, play greetings and to organize recorded messages.


Adobe Flash Lite v2.1

Flash Lite 2.x is based on the Flash 7 standard for content. This means that content developed in the latest Flash authoring environment can be re-purposed for mobile and consumer electronic devices.


Guitar Mobile Tools 2

Guitar Mobile Tools is a set of tools for guitarists:
- metronome
- tuner emulation with 22 open tunes
- list of 780 chords
- list of 384 scales
- editable chords rounds
- playlist
- tips for musicians.

This new version brings in your phone many more scales (32 for each half-tone), a list of the 22 most used open tunes and a tool which allows you to create your own chord rounds (armonic, blues or whatever you want). The playlist function let you to play customized rounds in any order, repeating them how many times you need to create your song. In the end there is a little tips section that quickly explain some music basics.


Math Pack

The full version of MathPack program is the most powerful mathematical package for mobile . The package is must-have tool for students, engineers and researchers. MathPack program is using double precision, So the calculations are very accurate. The program is proposed for mobile phones running java (MIDP 2.0, cldc 1.1). The MathPack v 1.2 contains: 1. Professional Calculator 2. Equation Solver 3. Definite Integration 4. Function Solver 5. Linear System Solver 6. Graph Plott For more informations, please visit the site: