Friday, November 23, 2007

Rock Your Mobile - Video Ringtones v1.00

Everyone is exited about so called "Video Ringtones" for modern headsets. Obviously normal audio ringtones are much too boring and do not use all of the tremendous technical possibilities of Smartphones. "Video Ringtones", the new software solution of Rock Your Mobile!, enables the user to use any video file as a video ringtone. YouTube content, own videos, trailers of famous movies...there are no limitations at all!

"Video Ringtones" is completely embedded in the operation system of Nokia S60 3rd Edition Smartphones. Usage and configuration of the video ringtones is easy and understandable due to the fact that it follows the same principles of normal ringtones. Of course "Video Ringtones" fully supports the build-in Profiles of the used headsets. From now on it is possible to play videos for contacts, groups and special phone numbers!


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