Saturday, December 8, 2007

Call recorder-LivePVR v2.70

LivePVR for Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition
LivePVR, comes packed with 3 extremely useful Personal Voice Recorder functionality; Meeting Notes PVR,Phone call, PVR and Voice Recorder PVR.

Enhancements in 2.7
. Files are stored in caller-id and meeting specific folders
. File names have caller id + type + date+ time (for phone calls) and meeting date+time for meeting notes
. Option to browse recorded file folders by caller id and meeting date/time
. Integrated Help screens

Main Features
. Record Phone calls and get the files stored in directory specific to the caller ID.
. Record meeting notes and get files stored in the directory specific to the meeting
. Options for No BEEPs during recording (If no beep option is selected, there will be 10-15% data loss)
. AMR and WAV format recording
. Unlimited recording length (limited by the available storage on device)
. Voice recorder
. Locate and play recorded files
. Simple and easy user interface
. Works in background when minimized

Phone call PVR
. Record all phone calls
. Record only the next phone call
. Caller id, incoming/outgoing, date and time is stored in recorded file name
. Each recorded file is stored in a folder with the caller id so you can easily identify when copying to PC

Meeting Notes PVR
. Supportes in memory rolling buffer that allows recording conversation that has already happened few seconds earlier
. Capture points in a meeting without missing the context that led up to the point using "Pre-push" buffer
. Automatically stop recording after "Post-push" time so you do not get distracted (Auto capture)
. Continue recording till you manually stop recording (Manual capture)
. Meeting date and time is stored in recorded file name
. All clips for a meeting are stored in their respective folder
. Pre-push and Post-push time can be set by user

Use case: You are in a meeting with LivePVR on and you have set the pre-defined value to 45 seconds. Suddenly you realize that you will need to record this part of the conversation. When you press the button, LivePVR will record the conversation to a file starting from 45 seconds before you pressed the button till either you press the stop button (if you have selected manual capture) or the time pre-set by you (if you are using timed capture).


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thanks brotha! nice of you to share but this file isn't working. When installing it says Certificate Expired... Just thought I'd let you know