Saturday, December 8, 2007

Opera Web Browser v8.65

Opera Mobile 8.65 is first and foremost an upgrade to ensure compatibility with the latest S60 phones launched recently, in addition to general bug fixing. As a result, Opera Mobile is now tested and available for phones like Nokia E70, N73, N93. Today you can download the EMEA version, while the Americas and APAC (Asian-Pacific) versions will be added shortly.

* Opera 8.65 comes with an improved home page that makes it easy to go enter a Web address and go to your most frequently visited Web pages.

* With Opera 8.65 it’s more intuitive to enter text into form fields on Web pages. Simply start typing as soon as the form field has the focus, with no need to click first.

* The behaviour of shortcut keys has changed to make sure people doesn’t get confused by accidentally pressing the wrong key. This was also needed to allow for direct input in form fields. By default, Opera 8.65 has a two-key version of shortcut keys, where you press # + key. If you are a shortcut keys fan, you can still go back to one-key mode in settings.

* More content on the screen: With 8.65 we have reduced the size of the user interface, to make more room for the Web page content. Naturally you can still select Full screen, so the uses the entire screen.


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