Saturday, March 15, 2008

Anti-theft for nokia s60 v1 and v2...

Anti-Thief starts automatically as the phone is turned on, and then always keeps detecting if your SIM card is changed. It also keeps checking messages arriving for an activation SMS you previously defined. If any of these happens, Anti-Thief will completely lock the phone and will attack the thief in four ways:

With a permanent text on the phone screen saying that this mobile is lost or stolen along with information about the mobile phone owner and how to be contacted.

Anti-Thief will send messages (SMS) to a list of mobiles you previously defined to inform you of the new SIM card number if the thief changed your original SIM card, Anti-Thief will also send the list of mobiles messages containing the network information whenever these information change (Country Code, Location Area Code, Cell Id, Network Name ?etc).

Anti-Thief will raise an alarm of a very loud long siren that will alert people in the vicinity and disturb the thief.

If you call your mobile phone from anywhere, Anti-Thief will automatically stop the alarm, answer your call and activate the loud speaker without the thief being notified at all and so you can either spy on or talk to the thief and when you finish your call the alarm will automatically start again (do not forget that you will always receive the SIM number that currently works with your phone from the messages Anti-Thief will send you whenever the thief changes the SIM card, so you can always contact your phone).

Unlocking Anti-Thief with your own password is the only way to stop the attack which means that Anti-Thief will keep attacking and the phone will be locked until it is returned to you; the rightful owner.


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Dogla said...

I get an "invalid link" message when trying to download this file