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GPXBrowser s60 v1.13 - v1.17

Release year: 2007
Operating system: Symbian Series60 3rd Edition. (2nd Edition version slightly unstable)
Hardware requirements: Nokia Series60 smartphone.
S60 3rd Edition phones:
3250,5500,5700,6110,6120,6290,E50,E51,E60,E61,E61i ,E62,E65,E70,E90
N71,N73,N75,N76,N77,N80,N81,N91,N91,N92,N93,N93i,N 95
and new N- and E-Series devices.
S60 2nd Fp3 Edition phones:
Licence: Freeware
Status: Ready. (New version is under development.)
Language: English

This program helps geocachers with paperless caching.
You can use pocket queries created by or create gpx file with some other application like GSAK.

Note! This program reads only GPX files which have exact format of pocket queries.
You have to be premium member of, to create pocket queries.
This program is slow!
If you have more than 100 caches in your gpx file, then program will be pretty slow when searching caches. However there is no known limit to number of caches in gpx file.

You can search caches by
GC code,
part of cache name,
caches that have Travel bugs,
or nearest caches from your given coordinates.

Program shows almost all information stored in gpx file.
-All basic cache information
-5 Last logs + your own log entry.
-Travel bugs
-Secret hints
-Full description.

Program doesn’t show pictures or html links.

Version history:

-First release.
-Fixed bug (coordinates xx˚00.0xxx crashing program).
-Fixed bug (coordinates like 60° 12.000 crashing program).
-File loading speed improved.(almost 2x faster)
-2nd version application icon changed.
-Fixed bug(2nd version can now load more than 100 caches).
v1.15 __ 9.9.2007
-Added settings
-Added coordinates to calculate distance to caches.
-Rearranged basic cache information on screen.
-Added search option “Find nearest”.
-Added search option “Has TB:s”.
-Added menu command “Load last used file”.
v1.16 __ 11.9.2007
Fixed Bug (3rd application Icon)
Fixed Bug (Load Last used file will not work on big files)
Fixed Bug (3rd edition can't be installed on memorycard)
Added Exit program confirmation query.
v1.17 __ 12.9.2007
Fixed Bug (settings->Load Last used file will not work on big files)(crashed program at startup)
Known bugs in ver 1.17:
Last line in screen may be half invisible.
“Search by name” dialog can crash program, if typed line is too long.
Some characters are shown incorrectly eg ‘ = Å’
Search option “Find nearest” may crash program, with very large files on 2nd version.
3rd edition version won't update from 1.13 to new version. Please uninstall version 1.13 first!

Features (not bugs)
Descriptions and logs have some html code with them.
There are random extra spaces in descriptions.(ok this might be bug, but I have no clue how to fix it)
Search shows only first 30-80 finds and reports out of memory note.
Loading and searching is slow.(Can't fix this without rewriting whole xml parser library)
2nd version don't have scroll bars.

Features planned for new versions
Remove more html elements from descriptions.

Features requested by users:
-Distance from user(via GPS). (This cant’ be done without symbian signing)
-Short caches by, hidden date, distance, last found etc.
Installation instructions:

Method 1:
Download it directly with your phone internet browser.
Method 2:
Send sis package to your phone with bluetooth.
Method 3:
Send it in e-mail attachments to your phone.
Method 4:
Copy to memory card, and install with file manager.
Method 5:
Use PC suite to install.

If you get error “Certificate Error, contact the application supplier”.
To accept all applications and solve this issue:

Go to Tools > App. mgr > Options > Settings.
Change “software installation” from “Signed Only” to “All” and “Online certic. check” to “off”.

This will most likely solve your problem. However,
please be aware that you turned off one extra layer of security for the device.
I wouldn't worry too much about malware or viruses but it is a good role of thumb to
only download and install applications from known sources.

And remember to copy your gpx file to memory card or to phone memory!

Updating from version 1.13 on 3rd devices: Uninstall version 1.13 before installing 1.15 or higher.
Otherwise you end up having two versions installed.
Do not install version 1.15 to memory card, because configuration file can't be saved.(this is a bug fixed in 1.16)
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