Sunday, March 16, 2008

SimGuarder v1.10 for s60v3 Unsigned

Installation methods :
One, the use of a new pc txt file (encoded using ANSI), the contents of the document you want to receive information of phone numbers, the depositary for phone.txt and phone.txt copy of the phone directory c Pangen
2, signatures and install SimGuarder, installed you can delete the c-phone.txt

Advantages : This procedure is totally in the background, not to be detected, the menu will not appear in the proceedings

The application is used to guard your SIM card.

Get the IMSI code of current SIM card at installing and record, since, it compare IMSI code of the current SIM card with the IMSI code of recoded. If they are different the application will send some message as "SIM CARD CHANGED!" to your phone number

if you insert another sim you will see that the profile is Offline and when you change the profile it will tell you that "insert simcard"


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